Digital VS. Compound Microscopes

As technology has improved in cameras, monitors, computers and software so has risen the popularity of Digital Microscopes. Below we breakdown the differences between a Digital Microscope and Compound Microscope. Each tool has its benefits based on your applications.

. Motorized Compound Microscope: Digital Microscope:
. • Better Resolution • Better Depth of Field
. • Better Color Correction • Has better working distance to accommodate samples w/ varying heights
. • Has eyepieces for best possible viewing inspection • Must work off the computer screen exclusively
. • Can customize every feature to your specific needs • Is one integrated solution
. • Can do more accurate automated defect inspection • Can tilt in order to inspect and view samples on their sides


Motic’s PA family of microscopes is an ideal solution for the inspection of the defects mentioned above.

The PA53MET holds all brightfield, darkfield and DIC options along with easy-to-use software for measurement and recordkeeping. The microscope also offers motorized xyz for more advanced imaging applications.    


Leave a note for our applications team if you are interested in learning more - either through a demo, a pricing quote or just additional brochures.

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