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Material Sciences

Panthera Tec Mat

• High value for inspection of semicondutors and other materials
• Brightfield, Darkfield and Cross-Polarization contrast methods, combined with a new unique-to-Motic segmental illumination option
• Full compliment of options making it useful for multiple testing applications

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Panthera TEC POL

• Offers multiple polarized functions, with a set of high quality UC Plan Achromatic objectives
• An interchangeable 30W Halogen/3W LED light source is part of a full Koehler setup
• Combined with Motic’s newest LightTracer system with memory function, helps to optimize lab workflows.

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• Features a Galilean Optical Zoom System, also known as Central Main Objective (CMO), denoting an Infinity Optical System
• High-Quality 2D color reproduction and high-resolving  power results from the SM7’s superior optical design

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BIo Life Sciences


• Offers flexibility when choosing a configuration that suits multiple end-user applications--from cost-effective solutions, to high-quality optical systems for lab diagnostics
• Strong selection of contrast accessories that are available and easily upgradable to meet different requirements

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• Offer maximum flexibility for managing any kind of Fluorescence application thanks to the LUMOS High-power LED FL light source, with individual control of each LED channel
• CCIS® HPlan S-APO (High Fluorite Class) objectives provide high transmission rates for the brightest images

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Moticam Pro S5 Lite

• Delivers best conditions to document large samples from all biological/medical fields
• Global shutter readout helps to accelerate data transfer moving/fast phenomena from biology and industrial production

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