Important Software Applications for Metal FA

Failure analysis and material examination can be difficult without the correct software. Can your current optical system take accurate pictures of the following defects?
The surfaces of fractures are often difficult to image all in focus due to their rough topography. Extended depth of field (EDF Multi-Focus) can produce high resolution all-in-focus images over a large topographic range. 

Software tiling feature can allow large image acquisition (panorama/mosaic) while maintaining high resolution which can be a valuable tool when imaging large metal cracks as seen in this example.


  Without EDF: Blurry areas due to height difference, lower features out of focus      
  With EDF: All areas of sample are brought into focus with composited images


 Without Tiling: Smaller field of view


 With Tiling: All areas of the sample are
 pieced together, providing a better  overview with the same definition

A Moticam S series + the premier PA53 microscope

A Moticam S series combined with the premier PA53 microscope will allow you to capture and save images as well as make measurements, tile images and provide extended depth of field. The manual objective nosepiece is encoded, enabling automatic digital scale-bar readings at every objective magnification, taking the guesswork out of image size for documentation and measurement. 
Learn more about the Motic PA53 metallograph and the Motic Analysis Software, and customize a system for your specific application.
Digital Analysis Package
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