Online fall 2022 special

Motic Scientific, in consultation with its US Dealer network, has put together a combination of its top selling Professional microscopes with cameras and software to help its end users best select application specific models for fall and winter projects.


Now with additional Black Friday pricing – all quotes on this page will have an additional 10% off on top of their original offers, creating up to 20% of value for all customers. Get a quote, and contact us now for this limited time offer that is applied only through Wednesday, November 23th to Friday, December 9th.

What's the offer?

Each model has been assembled using Motic’s highest quality contrast methods, imaging devices, and application specific software-- all packaged with value in mind. Browse through our models, and if you decide on one, all include onsite installation and training, to make your adoption fast and easy.

PA53MET BD Online Fall 2022 Special

Try Motic’s Industrial grade compound microscope for materials and electronic applications packaged with Brightfield, Darkfield, and Polarized light options for high color fidelity, resolution, and reflection control. Its selected Motic Pro 5 Lite camera and Analysis software will allow you to quickly and easily capture images, as well as perform measurements, EDF, and tiling. The PA53 MET is highly modular and can be upgraded for motorized components when you need them. An encoded nosepiece enables automatic digital scale-bar readings at every objective magnification.

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Panthera TEC MAT Online Fall 2022 Special

The Panthera TEC offers high value for the inspection of semiconductors and various other materials, especially in quality control and technical education. Brightfield, Darkfield and Cross-Polarization contrast methods, combined with a new segmental illumination option, are perfect for the detection of scratches or other defects on flat or reflecting surfaces without needing to angle the sample. The Panthera package offers a full compliment of options making it useful for multiple testing applications.

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Panthera TEC POL Online Fall 2022 Special

The Panthera TEC POL offers multiple polarized functions, with a set of high quality UC Plan Achromatic objectives, working across a 22mm wide field of view. An interchangeable 30W Halogen/3W LED light source is part of a full Koehler setup with field and aperture diaphragm; and when combined with Motic’s newest LightTracer system with memory function, helps to optimize lab and teaching workflows.

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SM7 Apochromat Online Fall 2022 Special

Motic’s SM7 features a Galilean Optical Zoom System, also known as Central Main Objective (CMO), denoting an Infinity Optical System. For demanding, routine imaging requirements, a Plan-Apochromatic objective 1X (WD 81mm) is available with standard 10X/22 eyepieces, and an 8x to 56x zoom range which offers viewers one of the highest zoom ranges in its class.

High-Quality 2D color reproduction and high-resolving power results from the SM7’s superior optical design. Low distortion, longer working distance, multiple lens combinations, superior 10-click mag selector, and ergonomic design offers users the best observation experience across a wide variety of samples.

The Advanced package includes an SM7 trinocular head with multiple imaging options; and with Motic’s Analysis software is capable of advanced measurement, EDF compilation, and panoramic tiling.

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