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What we stand for

Motic stands for accessible optical excellence to all labs that need it. Microscopes and equipment by Motic Scientific provide the clarity and resolution that users need, whether they are technicians, researchers or industrial engineers.

With a focus on light microscopes and customizable imaging software, Motic helps high-tech startups and large corporations scale up their imaging labs faster with complete and integrated solutions. The team strives to continually provide agile hardware and software improvements with fast turnaround.

Motic also crafts its own lenses, which means exceptional optical quality on our objectives and less supply chain costs on our products.

The Motic Group

Motic Scientific is the high-end (industrial/research)  microscopy division of the Motic Group, a leader in the field of optics since 1988, with 7 offices of over 2500 employees around the world including San Francisco, San Antonio, Vancouver, Germany, Spain, China and Hong Kong.

With 30 years of experience in manufacturing quality optical instruments, Motic is proud to say its products are trusted by leading scientific, educational and industrial organizations.

Trusted by

With over 30 years of manufacturing quality optical instruments, Motic's products are trusted by leading scientific, educational and industrial organizations including: 

Segments We Serve

Semiconductor Quality & Research
Industrial Quality & Research
Bio-Medical Research
Materials Research


An industrial-grade compound microscope for materials and electronic applications.

Motic Scientific’s Portfolio

process engineering or quality control

The PA53MET is Motic’s leading materials compound microscope, fitted with multiple contrasting methods, and offering full motorization. Great for process engineering or quality control.

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Motorized for Research

Our PA53BIO FS6 is an upright microscope’s fluorescent capabilities and motorization makes it the best choice for biologists, pathologists and other researchers.

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True-color visualization

The SM7 offers high resolution and long working distances for those taller tough-to-image samples. Excellent fit for PCBs, electronics, or metal parts.

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Modular Imaging system

The Moticam has been an all-time favorite for users that require digital imaging. With an optimized mix of image quality and fps performance, the camera is also fully controllable via software.

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Imaging Solutions

Moticam Microscope Cameras come with the accessories needed to make your microscope digital, including the necessary software, USB cable, and a calibration tool.

Our Analysis Software is an easy-to-use imaging platform that keeps your microscopy simple.

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