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Hyalella azteca ‚Äď Around 8 mm body length

Optimizing Light Microscopy Performance

For Research, Industrial and Routine Applications

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The PA53 3D Profiler is a fully motorized microscope. It can be controlled via the software or through an ergonomic joystick and table-top focus stand. Highly accurate measurements can be made in x,y, and z at the submicron level. Extended Depth of Field and brilliant 3D Images can be imaged on this system using our Motic Professional Software. A vast series of Profile measurement tools are included in this microscope and software package.

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Panthera Tec

A manual compound microscope with excellent optical quality and resolution. This microscope also has excellent cross-polarization for reducing glare on metallic components. 

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A Fluorescence Life-sciences research-grade microscope, the PA 53 Biomed FS6 delivers stunning optical performance at an affordable price. 

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Panthera Tec Pol

A dedicated Polarization microscope. This microscope is best for crystal imaging as well as other transparent/translucent materials

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