Petrographic Digital Microscopes for Geoscience Analysis

Analysis in geoscience can be difficult without the correct equipment. The most up-to-date contrasting and imaging methods are often needed for the capturing of different features. Here are some examples:

Transmitted crossed polarized light of anisotropic Olivine thin section showing Birefringence interference colors.

Transmitted plane polarized light of geological thin section showing pleochroism, a change of color or intensity as rotated.

Angle of Extinction in crossed polarized light. The angle at which extinction occurs, relative to cleavage or crystal habit, can be useful in identifying many types of minerals.

Conoscopic imaging utilizing a Bertrand lens can provide valuable interference figures which allow interpretation of many sample characteristics: such as the optical axis, optical sign, and more…


A comprehensive solution would be the Motic Panthera TEC POL, which provides an internally integrated digital camera, strain free optics and transmitted light or transmitted/reflected light polarization. 

The Panthera TEC POL features include:

  • The Motic LightTracer system with memory function saves light intensity levels at each objective.  
  • 30W Halogen transmitted light/3W LED reflected light source
  • Rotating specimen stage and compensator plates
  • Strain free objectives
  • Compatible with most point counting systems
  • Optional MoticNET function where microscope images can be shared in real-time.

Leave a note for our applications team if you are interested in learning more - either through a demo, a pricing quote or just additional brochures.

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