Motic Announces Collaboration With Abemis for 3D Motorized Imaging

Motic Scientific is pleased to announce its collaboration with ABEMIS to create a high-speed 3D motorized imaging platform—capable of whole slide capture with extended depth functionality. Before combining the quality optics and contrasting techniques of  Motic’s advanced upright light microscope, the PA53BIO, with the ABEMIS hGON motorized 3D anti-vibration mount systems, high magnification image stitching with enhanced depth clarity was only available through costly instrumentation. Now, x small to whole slide images can be rapidly scanned-- even as large as 12×10 cm specimens—at budget-friendly price points for basic to advance research facilities.  

In addition to the unique imaging features of the Motic-ABEMIS collaboration, all combined systems come with a user-programmable and customizable GUI. Basic and advanced move-scan codes can be simply implemented in C#-python blocks, enabling user-defined algorithms to be easily added. With the provided templates, additional functions such as AI labeling, super-resolution, interactive (AR/VR) and further imaging can all be done.  All GUI features are accessible, even the layout. 

Shown below is a new system installed at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The PA53BIO kit includes phase contrast, rotating (motorized) polarization, and full EPI Fluorescence imaging/filter sets, with a larger motorized stage platform of up to 6×6-inch travel. 

New HScope: Motorized 3D Microscopy

 hGON structure and scanning process  

GUI and tile scanning process 

Motic and Abemis provide the following microscope platforms as 3D motorized imaging solutions:

A Fluorescence Life-sciences research-grade microscope, the PA53 Biomed FS6 delivers stunning optical performance at an affordable price. With a 6 channel fluorescence turret including DAPI, FITCI, TRITCI, & multiband FISH Filter Cubes.  Motic’s high quality optics provide high color fidelity and resolution with stunning 25mm widefield capability.

For more details on the successful collaboration between Motic and Abemis and if its open-ended platform is something your facility could benefit from:

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