Motic Announces Release of the PX43MET Inverted Metallograph

Motic Scientific is excited to officially announce the release of the PX43MET – an advanced inverted metallograph designed for polished cross sections and large material samples 

The PX43MET is an exciting new addition to Motic’s industrial microscope line up, making its mark by being the first and only affordable, DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) capable inverted microscope in the market right now. This allows even smaller labs to take full advantage of DIC imaging and be able to capture minute details that are emphasized through contrast. 

 Without DIC With DIC

This means that labs can be saving up to 40% of their budget for a DIC capable inverted microscope in comparison to competing options, with the exact same resolution and optical quality. The microscope is another step in Motic’s goal of providing accessible imaging to all labs that need it.

In addition to DIC, it also holds the complete suite of features required for advanced imaging. 

The Motic Applications Team is happy to demonstrate the optical quality of the PX43MET at any time. Either send us your samples for imaging or schedule a time with us for a quick demonstration. Contact us here for any questions or requirements. 

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