Using EDF to Focus on Tall Parts

When Imaging, we all run into samples where we can not completely focus our field of view. In the past, only expensive motorized microscopes could take images at different focus levels and then merge the images into one fully focused image. This is known as an Extended Depth of Field (EDF) Image. 

Without EDF: Blurry areas due to height difference, lower features out of focus

With EDF: All areas of sample are brought into focus with composited images 


As microscope software algorithms have become more sophisticated, you can now construct EDF images on a manual microscope, without any motorization necessary. 

 Motic has one complete integrated solution with our software, camera and a smooth fine-focus to produce ease of use and error free EDF images. These are particularly useful for metal parts with dips and grooves, or PCB boards with soldered components. 

If you are interested in motorized EDF, then Motic’s motorized PA53 microscope can go the extra step and provide full 3D profiles. With a 3D profiled image, not only are you able to get every feature in focus, but also be able to run height measurements on each separate plane. 

If you are interested in obtaining imaging on your samples using any or all of the above techniques, click on the link below to get in touch with our imaging experts.  

Leave a note for our applications team if you are interested in learning more - either through a demo, a pricing quote or just additional brochures.

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