Easy Macro Imaging - Automated Tiling Using a Motorized Stage

Tiling is a microscopy term that refers to using a software to photograph the entirety of a Region of Interest (ROI) in small “tiles”. These tiles are then combined to create a larger macro image, that can be useful for multiple purposes. 

The benefits of a Motorized Stage are numerous when it comes to Light Microscopy. Below is a list of ways you can become more efficient in your imaging and measurement when using a Motorized Stage on your Light Microscope.  

  • Increase your Field of View by tiling together images for a large macro image 
  • Zoom in to see defects on your tiled image without any loss in resolution 
  • Make measurements that are larger than your original field of view 
  • Recall a specific location on your sample every time 
  • Efficiently move from one area of a sample to another using your mouse or a joystick 


          Motic Scientific’s PA53 MET 3D comes with a Motorized Stage option to build large beautiful Mosaic images to further help your needs for inspection and defect analysis. Let us know if you are interested in learning more, or want to get a hands-on demo from our applications team. Click below to contact us! 

          Leave a note for our applications team if you are interested in learning more - either through a demo, a pricing quote or just additional brochures.

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