The Importance of Encoding in a Microscope

Ever see an image taken from a microscope and wonder what magnification it was taken at? 

In most manual microscopes, communication between objective magnification and imaging software does not exist. On the other hand, motorized microscopes systems can be very costly but will automatically save magnification data within an image file.   

This is where an Encoded Objective Nosepiece is valuable in microscopy. You get a manual microscope that is still able to annotate the magnification onto a snapped image. Encoded microscope systems will also automatically adjust the measurement scale bar on the image when switching to a different objective.  

Motic Scientific’s PA53 MET is a manual compound microscope which includes encoding. The microscope body communicates with the computer and software through a USB connection. With a $10,000 to $15,000 price range and S-APO resolution, this is a system that can’t be beat in terms of value.  


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