Manual Vs Motorized Light Microscopes, When and What to Choose?

Interested in all this new imaging technology, but also confused when to make the jump from a manual to a motorized microscope?

Maybe you don’t need to be. Perhaps you only need certain components to be motorized for your workflow and applications, or the ability to motorize when your team is ready for it.

Motic’s Industrial line of Light Microscopes comes with built-in modularity which allows you to future-proof your system for upgrades when you need them. Take a look at the PA53MET, a microscope that can either be your starting scope, or upgraded further if your lab requires more functionality

Manual version of PA53 MET:
Encoded Nosepiece - will automatically display the magnification and appropriate scale bar on each captured image. Useful for a smooth measurement workflow, as well as the documentation of microscopy images.

Intelligent Motic LightTracer - Automatically adjusts light intensity when switching to a different magnification.

Motorized version of PA53 MET:
Motorized Nosepiece - Change your magnification with the click of a mouse. Also includes the encoding function above.

Motorized Focus - Create beautiful 3D Images for topographic observation and measure how tall your sample is at certain points

Motorized Stage - Save points along your sample and easily navigate through your sample with the click of your mouse. Additionally, tile together several images for a larger field of view.

The best part about modular microscope systems is that all of these above systems can be mixed for a configuration that suits your needs and budget, and also leave the door open for future upgrades.

Check our PA53MET page for more information, or you can directly contact us for a demonstration of the features discussed above!

Leave a note for our applications team if you are interested in learning more - either through a demo, a pricing quote or just additional brochures.

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